We only ever use top quality, 100% prime beef, made with recipes that have been honed over the years, to make our award-winning biltong. No messing, just the very best we can do. This commitment to quality and the highest standards for our products is why we only use the finest herbs and spices. The very best, always!


Truly Traditional - 250g of beef used for every 100g of biltong, salt, coriander, distilled spirit vinegar, garlic, chilli, nutmeg, pepper, preservatives*.

Peri Peri - as per the Truly Traditional ingredient list above, just with more chilli and garlic.

Garlic - as per the Truly Traditional ingredient list above, but more garlic. Go online to order the delicious Garlic Flavoured Biltong

Red Hot Chilli - as per the Truly Traditional ingredient list above, but with more crushed red hot chilli.

BBQ - as per the Truly Traditional ingredient list above, but to get that distinctive BBQ flavour, we have added, paprika, brown sugar and smoke flavouring.

Teriyaki - as per the Truly Traditional ingredient list, as well as paprika, brown sugar, onion, yeast extract, cassia, ginger, tomato and citric acid.

Specific product information is available via our Biltong shop.


Biltong is dried, cured meat from South Africa; the word ‘biltong’ originates from the Dutch words ‘bil’, meaning rump or hindquarter, and ‘tong’, meaning ‘strip’.

Indigenous peoples from South Africa, such as the Khoikhoi, found that slicing the meat into strips, curing it with salt and hanging it up to dry was an effective way of preserving the meat. European settlers arrived in Southern Africa in the early 17th century, and experimented with the curing process, bringing in vinegar, saltpetre and spices including pepper, coriander and cloves.


Jerky originates back from Native Americans in the 1500’s, it has been around for hundreds of years. A lot of time has passed since the first jerky was made. Recipes and methods have been changed and modified within those years.

Jerky is made using beef silverside which gets marinated and then slowly cooked at the right temperature, once that process is done the jerky gets sliced and packed into our bags ready to be shipped to you.


Simply because it is a dried unprocessed product which over time will eventually mould (just like fruit if cut open). Therefore, to increase the shelf life, Potassium Sorbate has to be added. That’s not to say we do not use the smallest amounts possible (six hundredths of one gram per bag of BEEFit Biltong).

Sodium Nitrate is used to prevent the coloring of the meat darkening over time. It has a bad name in itself, however, biltong is dried and not cooked, and sodium nitrate only becomes carcinogenic when cooked or heated to above 65˚C.


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We are very proud of our biltong! So much so, that if the quality is not as described on our website, please contact us to let us know and we can discuss how to resolve your issue.

However, please be careful and store your biltong correctly.

Our courier Royal Mail will try to deliver your item(s) to you as quickly as they can however, if your items are returned to us for one of the following reasons: failure to collect from depot, address incomplete or any other reason stated in our delivery terms and conditions, you will incur a charge of £3.95 postage again to have your items re-sent.


30g bags can be eaten in one sitting and unopened bags have a shelf life of 12 months. For the bigger bags, once opened, put the biltong in an OPEN bowl (i.e. with nothing covering the bowl) in the fridge and mix it up a bit. Mix it up daily for a maximum of 4-6 days or until consumed.

You can keep biltong & jerky fresh in the fridge or even in the freezer, however, we cannot advise you as to how long. Suffice to say, the choice is yours. If you have frozen your biltong or jerky, it will naturally release moisture once it starts to defrost. This is the danger time! Make sure it is aired and that any moisture that is being released as a result of the refrigeration or freezing, evaporates away. Keep on mixing it up and loosening the bundle of sliced biltong or jerky. Daub it if you can, with kitchen towel to remove any excess moisture. Eat within 4 to 6 days. Never store in a sealed container, it will sweat. This will lead to mould. Biltong / jerky needs to ‘breathe’.

Big bags of our biltong can last months, and we have food testing certificates to prove this, however, we do not advise that you keep it that long. The larger the bag of biltong, i.e. 500g or 1kg, the more moisture is contained within the sealed bag. We advise keeping to the USE BY dates, and eating the biltong and/ or Jerky within 4 to 6 days of opening.