• Simon Smith, (informally “King Tong” behind his back), started this business in a shoe box in 2009 ! Yes, an actual shoe box with a 100 watt bulb as a heat source and a 12 volt computer fan for air circulation. The tiny shoe box was quickly replaced by a wine case and then an old army trunk. We now boast the largest biltong dying facility in the UK and Europe with a weekly capacity of 11-tons of beef. Certainly amongst the most sophisticated and hi-tech anywhere. 

  • Our drying room computerised control systems mimic perfect South African biltong drying conditions with 3 point humidity control, stepped de-humidification and variable temperature control to mimic the low humidity environment required to make the best authentic biltong you will find anywhere. We have put in a lot of effort and time to build a factory we are proud of ! Fast forward to now and we are represented in every supermarket chain in the UK and our biltong is regarded as the benchmark for consistency and quality year in and year out by the major national and international retailers. Our BEEFIT Biltong is also the first biltong ever to be sold on the airlines. Next time you take a flight, ask for BEEFIT Biltong.
    We look forward to supplying you with biltong for the next 15-years.






    All made at our factory in Chichester , we are very passionate about our products. We produce all the snacks ourselves which means we source our own meat, spices & packaging. This way we guarantee to provide you with great quality and consistency throughout our range of products. 





    We want to make the best biltong & meat snacks in the market. We make it all in-house without outsourcing so we can be sure that we do not compromise on quality! 

  • Little slices of 'mmmm'

    Our biltong is packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer, and is also gluten free.

  • Meaty bundles of joy

    We use only finely selected herbs and spices to bring you the best flavour. 

  • We will cut to the quick, it's delicious

    We don't want to brag, but our range of biltong has five carefully selected flavours in addition to your  favourite Truly Traditional.