Live Like A Neanderthal!

Did you know that the oldest hominid remains yet to be found in Britain were unearthed at Boxgrove, near Chichester, and only a 10 minute drive from BEEFit?!

A leg bone (the tibia) of a pre-Neanderthal man was found at a quarry there in 1993; and has since been dated as half a million years old. It is believed by extrapolation that this local man weighed about 80kgs and was taller than the average Neanderthal, measuring over than six feet (6ft 3ins). He is thought to have hunted in a group who lived by the foreshore, the sea level being some 40 metres higher than it is now.


Neanderthal Man

Boxgrove is one of the most important palaeolithic sites in the world and probably extends for many hundreds of meters.

The Palaeolithic, or Stone Age, is the longest period of human history. The end of this period is traditionally positioned some 10,000 years ago, coinciding with the end of the Ice Age (the Pleistocene) and the onset of the Holocene climatic period. The Boxgrove inhabitants are believed to have lived by scavenging dead animals, gathering wild roots, berries, nuts and shellfish, and some hunting. Put simply the Boxgrove inhabitants lived by the Paleolithic diet.

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