Gym bag essentials

Being prepared for the gym can be the difference between a great workout and a bad one, follow our checklist below for a stocked gym bag and efficient session.

Good trainers | This choice depends on what you’re doing in the gym, but it’s important to get it right. For a running trainer you have a lot to choose from. Thick or thin sole, drop or no drop, it’s down to comfort and support, see a podiatrist for expert advice. And for those serious weightlifters out there, weightlifting shoes with solid heels are a good option to give you added stability.

Clean bottle | Hydration is key, if your water levels drop, so does your performance. A bottle with a screw top lid is easy to clean, and keep your water fresh.

Tape | This can be your little guardian angel, and solve a whole host of problems: those socks that keep falling down, blisters on your hands, or even a bit of extra support for your wrists or ankles.

Post-workout nutrition | When it comes to post workout nutrition, it’s important to keep it simple and consistent.

Protein - with 61.7% protein, a bag of BEEFit biltong is just that. Don't skip your post-workout protein.

Banana - an excellent source of potassium, which aids recovery.

Music | Music can be incredibly motivating, and bringing your own music lets you control the tempo on your workout, whether that's beats for sprints or music to help you focus your breathing. Bring your phone or iPod and pack some good headphones; your personal selection of tunes will give the best results.

Workout gloves | Keep your hands healthy with some gym gloves, they will protect from calluses and protect your palms.

Flip Flops | Changing room and shower floors can be breeding grounds for germs, use flip-flops to stay clear.

Shower wash & antiperspirant | Smell good, feel good. You'll want a towel and some fresh clothes too.