Flavour vs Flavour

To celebrate our Flavour Fest we asked you guys what your favourite biltong flavours are, and the votes are in! Peppered Steak was the outright winner, followed by BBQ, chilli and peri peri.

New Biltong Flavours

Nothing beats the pure flavour of our original biltong, the flavour that started it all! The secret recipe has been closely guarded for years by a select few biltong-crazy South Africans. It all started with one Mr Willem Van de Ploeg, where people would travel over 60km to see his oil paintings and taste his delicious biltong. The recipe has remained largely the same and has now, with our tweaks, won two Great Taste awards!

So we asked our wine connoisseur and flavour fanatic, Pierre, what he thought of the flavour that started it all.

Primary Aromas: delicious first smell, notes of black pepper, cooked steak, garlic and chilli.

Secondary Bouquets: includes notes of baked bread, plum and fresh butter.

Now for the actual tasting. Like a good bottle of wine, there’s nothing biltong cannot fix.

Body: bold and meaty, just how it should be.

There you have it, Pierre’s guide to biltong. There’s nothing better than a good bottle of wine with some delicious biltong. Drinking good wine with good biltong is one of life’s most civilised pleasures. Enjoy!

Our Flavour Fest offers a bundle of our most popular flavours at a reduced price. Get the 4 flavour fest with 4 bags each of Peppered Steak, Peri Peri, Garlic and Chilli for £25 (16 bags), or the 6 Flavour Fest with 6 bags of Peppered Steak, Peri Peri, Garlic, Chilli, Teriyaki and BBQ for £48 (36 bags). Great value!