Biltong for Paintballers!

We received a really cool request earlier for a massive order for a bunch of paintballers who were about to compete in an ultra serious and ultra dangerous tournament… we couldn’t resist! We love competitions and were so intrigued by their passion for the sport.

Here’s their report on how the tournament went and how they felt out Dry Wors really helped them..

“The game went very well for us. It was billed as a 4 teams vs all, but it transpires that the other 3 teams simply got together 2 months before and formed an alliance just to know us down… they failed”

“We absolutely destroyed them both days and on Sunday when the points were totaled up The Alliance has 10’000 and The Terminators had 520’000, close call right?!”

“we were outnumbered but never out gunned”

Here is a link to their Facebook page, pop over and say hi!