BEEFit Snacks Biltong and Blue Cheese Summer Salad

It's National Picnic Week and here at BEEFit Snacks we decided to celebrate! So with that, we have created a super tasty summer salad, perfect for a picnic with friends or family! Full of protein, good fats and omega-3!

Here is what you'll need -

1x Bag of BEEFit Snacks Biltong of your choice (we used Habanero Chilli). 

1x Bag of Watercress, Spinach and Rocket (use any salad you want).

1x ½ Avocado.

1x Red Chicory stalk. 

1x Pack of Pomegranate Seeds.

2x Spring onions.

1x Blue Stilton cheese.

1x handful of Walnut’s. 

Here's how to make the delicious salad -

1.Firstly find yourself a salad bowl. 

2.Then open the bag of watercress, spinach and rocket and place the leaves in the bottom of the bowl.

3.After that finely cut the spring onions and wash the chicory stalks, break the smaller ones off and place both on top of the leaves. 

4.Next, cut the avocado in half, place half to the side and with the other half use a knife to cut around the edge so it separates from the skin and then slice length ways and place in the salad. 

5.Now grab the pomegranate seeds and sprinkle those over, do the same with the walnuts, as well as breaking the stilton off and crumbling it all over. 

6.Leaving the best until last, open a pack of whichever BEEFit snack you have and sprinkle the meat all over!

7.Enjoy your delicious salad and don’t forget to tag us and send a picture!

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Speak soon,

The BEEFit Snacks team.