BEEFit Biltong tested as recovery snack for endurance athletes

We knew our Biltong worked well as a high protein snack for day event athletes like the GB Olympic Bobsleigh & Skeleton Teams. But we also wanted to know how it performed in the world of endurance or “ultra” events as a high protein convenience recovery snack for endurance athletes to consume on the go, to help refuel after a whole day’s competing and in preparation for racing over several days.

 Top Endurance Athlete Luke Tyburski trials our Biltong  

That’s why we approached Luke Tyburski, one of the best-known endurance athletes on the circuit to put our BEEFit Biltong to the test during his 5 –day Towpath Challenge from London to Birmingham running 240kms or the equivalent of over 5 marathons in 5 days! Luke Tyburski is an Endurance Adventurer/Ultra-Athlete, Health & Mindset Coach and popular Speaker; and you may be surprised to learn that he kicked off his endurance career just over 5 years ago with one of the toughest running events in the world, The Marathon des Sables! For those of you who don’t know it, The Marathon des Sables is called the toughest footrace on earth and involves running 250 kms across the Sahara Desert over 7 days. (If you’re not squeamish about feet check out the video of his experience on Youtube, it has 29k views due to his brutally honest account of how the race pushed him to the limit of his endurance).

BEEFit Snack’s Towpath Challenge 

When the rest of us were considering whether we could face “Dry January”, Luke was kicking off his New Year in peak fitness, and ready to run more than  5 consecutive back to back marathons on the  5-day Towpath Challenge. He packed our BEEFit Biltong in his bags making sure he had enough to keep him fuelled on those wet and cold towpaths braving the January storms all the way to the National Running Show at the NEC in Birmingham, where he delivered one of his energising and inspirational talks to a highly appreciative audience.



Why endurance athletes are permanently in recovery


When your body is pushed to its physical limits day after day in an endurance event, you have to permanently be fuelingto continually perform, otherwise no matter how efficiently you’ve trained, your body just won’t be able to keep going. As Luke told us, “As soon as I start a race I am in recovery and need to fuel my body accordingly”. During ultra events, Luke eats a lot of high fat foods, and consciously chooses his fuel with some protein in it as well, most of which he prepares himself (mainly seed and nut mixes) but he also trusts our high quality biltong to provide the protein he needs post event.


Because Luke is so careful about what he eats and doesn’t consume a lot of meat, many of his followers assume he is Vegan but he is just very careful about which meat products he does include in his diet.  Luke definitely likes to know where the meat comes from and prefers to buy from his local butcher. So, we were pleased as punch when Luke agreed to test out our BEEFit Biltong on his latest endurance event. But we had to find out which were his favourite flavours first of all!


 Luke Tyburski picks his favourite BEEFit Biltong Flavour! 


We sent Luke and his wife (osteopath and fellow endurance athlete) our Flavour Fest so they could try out the different flavours before the 240km Towpath challenge.  They really liked the subtlety of the flavours, the “smooth” taste, unlike the often overwhelming taste of some other biltong products. The flavours he asked us to send out for the race? Truly Traditional, Chilliand Peri-Peri, with the latter being his personal favourite. “I really did like the BEEFit Biltong (and have tried quite a bit in the UK and USA made by South Africans.) By no means do I consider myself an expert, but I know what I like, and like to know where the meat is coming from. As a high performing athlete who looks towards nutrition as a major tool to keep me fuelled, recover, and simply keep my body running as efficiently as I can, I’m always looking for ways to facilitate this.”

So how did Luke find our BEEFit Biltong on the race? Well his face in this picture says it all! Endurance athlete eating BEEFit biltong

And his feedback after the Towpath challenge?

“I’m not a massive meat eater, but when I do, I eat high quality produce, and my body repays me with performing and recovering to a high level. I am most definitely interested in using BEEFit Biltong during my multi-day adventures, and when I’m travelling, as I like to take my own food on the road!”

Luke’s next challenge takes him to Italy and we can’t wait to see what he has planned for the rest of 2018. Safe to say the Towpath challenge was just a warm up!

Why not try out our Biltong for your recovery snack? 

Our BEEFit Biltong contains 20g of protein per 35g bag and is 100% allergen free. If you are competing in endurance sports and want to take your performance nutrition to the next level, why not try out our BEEFit Biltong, purchase it on our Shop page and discover the delicious taste of genuine South African recipe Beef Biltong. Let us know your favourite flavour and which event you’ll be competing in next and we might even send you some to help you stay fuelled. Contact us today!


To find more about Luke's adventures you can find his website here  or follow him @luketyburski