4 reasons to add biltong to your diet

4 reasons to add biltong to your diet

Eating healthier shouldn’t mean you don’t enjoy your food as much. BEEFit Snacks has developed a range of biltong treats that are as nutritional as they are delicious! We’ve put together four fantastic reasons that should convince you to add a little biltong to your diet.

Loved by Olympians!

The perfect post-workout snack!

After a session at the gym it’s important to make the most of the work you’ve put in by aiding recovery with the right type of food. Biltong is packed with protein, making it the perfect post-workout snack. We’ve been providing the Team GB Olympic Skeleton Bob Team with a delicious range of our snacks to help aid their recovery after training!

The athletes at British Skeleton enjoy the freedom to be able to take a light-weight, non-perishable source of protein to the gym or the track to kick-start their recovery process. This helps them more easily achieve their daily protein targets, while benefits to recovery (due to enhanced levels of protein synthesis) are derived from high quality proteins eaten either pre- or post-workout. The Team loves having a tasty snack after a difficult session!

High in protein

Whether you’re a British athlete or just looking to get in shape, protein is a vital part of any diet. Many people don’t have time to cook a whole chicken each day, so convenience is key. BEEFit Snacks’ range of biltong products are packed with the protein your body needs.

Sprinting, changing direction, and long-distance running can all cause muscle-damage. In such cases, adding protein-rich biltong to your diet may help to offset muscle damage and promote recovery.

Exciting flavours

If you’re looking to make positive changes to your diet, then discover our delicious range of biltong snacks which are available in a range of flavours, including Fiery Peri Peri, Habanero Chilli, Deep South Dixie BBQ and Totally Teriyaki. The experts at BEEFit Snacks are always experimenting with exotic flavour combinations to find the next wonderful creation to add to our collection!

Low in fat

A perfect alternative to traditional favourites, biltong is low in fat allowing you to enjoy a tasty treat without feeling guilty. During the process of creating biltong, the meat is hung for 5 days in a drying chamber that replicates the South African climate. This removes more of the moisture and leaves the finished biltong high in protein and low in fat.

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