100% UK Beef Biltong – we promise!

You’ve all heard the latest of the horse meat scandals… luckily it’s slowly leaving the front page of the newspapers as the authorities check out our burgers so they’re ready for braai season.

So we’ll use this time to tell you that we are 100% beef, or 100% venison, (whichever you choose) 100% of the time. We love our beef suppliers, they’re local, and they’re honest guys. We also love you! And we were absolutely thrilled to get an order from South Africa recently… Yes you heard right. SA wants our tong!

Did you hear what’s happened there with their tong? It’s shocking! The horsemeat scandal prompted 1000′s or Rands worth of investigations into SA’s biltong. The results weren’t great.

They found Zebra, horse, giraffe, pork and even kangaroo! How the heck did that happen?

So we love our SA, you love SA, let’s love them together and create some true to it’s kind, 100% unique British Beef Biltong, made in Chichester, West Sussex, from cows just down the road. Thanks for supporting us you lovely people! Have a great easter!