10 ways to make sure your workout happens

At work, you sit; at lunch, you sit; your commute, dinnertime, at the pub; sit, sit, sit. There are many reasons not to have a workout, but so many more reasons to get up and exercise. We’ve pulled together some tips to help ensure you lean on the latter.

Plan your week’s workouts on a Sunday
You’ll know what you’re doing and when, and what you’ll need. Keep it interesting and mix up your routine to keep you excited, and have alternate plans, just in case your normal route gets flooded.

Sign up and pay for gym classes ahead of time
Or ask for some for your birthday!. You’re much more likely to use them if they’re already paid for.

Pack everything the night before
That includes training kit, proper footwear and your post-workout nutrition. Check our blog on what to pack for a great workout session.

Remember that a 15-minute workout is better than nothing!

Instead of taking a lunch break, hit the gym or go for a run
Then, at your desk, eat the lunch you prepared last night

Follow the five-minute rule
Set your timer and exercise for five minutes – chances are, once you get moving, you’ll want to carry on.

Choose the same time to work out every day
After a few weeks it will become routine, and it will excite you.

Set goals, and make them specific and attainable
This is key in making progress. These can be small like doing 20 sit-ups every day, or big goals, such as running Tough Mudder.

Share your workouts on social media
You’ll be surprised by all the positive feedback you get, which will motivate you onto the next workout. Follow some fitness accounts to get useful workout tips as well as extra motivation.

Reward yourself!
Have something to look forward to after every workout; whether it’s a long bath or delicious bag of biltong, rewards are key.
Once you’ve done your exercise, remember to restout like you workout.