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Caring For Biltong and Jerky

We love making our Biltong & Jerky snacks as much as we hope you do eating it. We are sticklers for using the correct methods and maintaining quality. Each piece is handmade, hand cut and prepared by our team, so it’s important to us to make sure you enjoy it as much as we do making it.

Keep It Dry

In South Africa, it is warm and common for humidity levels to be below 30%, perfect for making and keeping biltong. Here in the UK it is wet and humid and not great for making or preserving biltong! Therefore, we have to help the biltong remain dry and fresh in an area with as low humidity as possible!

To get the best ‘life’ out of your biltong, care needs to be taken to store it properly and avoid any spoilage. After all, it is a natural ‘moist’ food substance and not indestructible as some people might think!

Thoughts of cowboys carrying around beef jerky under their saddles for months on end, may work in the incredibly dry conditions of Arizona or Texas or the Kalahari Desert, but not in Edinburgh, Portsmouth, Bolton or Bath! The only reason for biltong, or any other dried meat, to go off is due to incorrect storage! If your mouth is already watering make sure you pick your favourite flavour or push the boat out with the flavour fest box, buy biltong online.

Biltong Drying
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If you receive multiple bags of biltong and / or jerky, (gas-flushed in a protective atmosphere or under vacuum), keep the bags sealed and intact until you decide to eat it. But be aware that the wetter it is, the shorter the life. Once opened, put the biltong and/ or jerky in an OPEN bowl and mix it up a bit. Mix it up daily for a maximum of 4 to 6 days or until consumed. Most mould starts to happen when the biltong/ jerky comes into contact with another ‘surface’. Moisture then forms at that surface contact point. The inevitable and unavoidable universal process then starts.

Truly Traditional Truly
Fiery Peri Peri Fiery
Peri Peri
Red Hot Chilli Red Hot
Totally Teriyaki Totally
Gorgoues Garlic Gorgeous
Deep South Dixie BBQ Deep South
Dixie BBQ

How To Store Your Beef Biltong Correctly

You can keep biltong & jerky fresh in the fridge or even in the freezer, however, we cannot advise you as to how long. Suffice to say, the choice is yours. If you have frozen your biltong or jerky, it will naturally release moisture once it starts to defrost. This is the danger time! Make sure it is aired and that any moisture that is being released as a result of the refrigeration or freezing, evaporates away. Keep on mixing it up and loosening the bundle of sliced biltong or jerky. Daub it if you can, with kitchen towel to remove any excess moisture. Eat within 4 to 6 days. Never store in a sealed container, it will sweat. This will lead to mould. Biltong / jerky needs to ‘breathe’.

Big bags of our biltong can last months, and we have food testing certificates to prove this, however, we do not advise that you keep it that long. The larger the bag of biltong, i.e. 500g or 1kg, the more moisture is contained within the sealed bag. We advise keeping to the USE BY dates, and eating the biltong and/ or Jerky within 4 to 6 days of opening.